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Binance vs Coinbase: The Best Crypto Exchange for you.

Due to the rising interest in Crypto, more people around the globe now wants to enter the crypto-space and dip their toes in the gold mine that is crypto. But the big question is ‘where should you buy your bitcoin?’

Currently, the two biggest global exchanges are Binance and Coinbase, but which one is the best & more importantly which one offers the lowest fees?

Deciding on the Binance or Coinbase question would be difficult for both begginers and existing traders. To reach a decision, multiple key-features have to be taken into question, things like fees, available altcoins, regulatory compliance, fiat onramps, etc.

Let’s dive into their features to conclude the best possible option for you.


Binance was founded in 2017 with an aim to enlarge altcoin trading. The exchange lists more than 100 different altcoins and of course has the go-to cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc… . Binance also offers their own native token BNB that has ultra-low fees and can be used for everyday things like shopping.


  • Advanced charting
  • Lower fee than others
  • Variety of trading pairs available (100+ altcoins)
  • Dogecoin 😉


  • Binance doesn’t support 13 U.S. states like New York

Binance Credit Card Fees

The fees that are required to purchase crypto on any exchange are the most important thing to consider. Fees get applied when trades are made between wallets, when purchases are made and when you want to cash in your crypto to dollar or euro.

Binance has some of the lowest fees on the market when it comes to purchasing crypto. When purchasing with a credit card the basic fee is 2%,

Binance Trading Fees

If you’re a crypto trader that prefers to trade with other users directly you can use Binance’s Spot Trading Feature that allows you to sell and buy to other users for only 0.10% fee. This is far below the industry average.

Trading fees can become lower if you currently have Binance’s native token BNB that we mentioned earlier.

Binance is suited for traders who desire to trade BTC, Eth and other altcoins. While Coinbase lists only 22 cryptocurrencies and Binance has over 50 digital assets supported on the exchange. Binance also assists traders more than other exchanges, with providing more advanced charting features and more groundbreaking features.

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Coinbase is a widely used crypto-exchange all around the world. The exchange was founded in 2012, not very long after Bitcoin’s initiation in 2009. On the regulatory side, Coinbase is a registered and fully licensed platform to trade. Currently, the exchange is licensed to operate in over 40 states and regions in the U.S.


  • Easy to us – Newbie friendly
  • Biggest exchange in the world
  • Extremely high liquidity


  • Restricted control of your wallet keys.
  • Slow customer support
  • No Dogecoin. 🙁

CoinBase Credit/debit Card Fees

Coinbase’s fees are a bit more complicated than Binance and depend on how much you deposit and where in the world you live in.

But the average cost to deposit amounts over $100 with a debit card is 3.99%. If the amount is below $50 it can be up to 10%.

Coinbase Beginner Friendly

The exchange has set the stage for beginners by deploying a user-friendly structure to trade. Also, bringing new investments in cryptocurrency is less confusing and convoluted than other exchange’s methods.
Plus, Coinbase allows its users who want to take a deeper dive into the crypto world to access Coinbase Pro for free. This platform contains advanced features like charts and indicators and slightly different fees cheap fee structure.

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