Ryan Kavanaugh

Is Ryan Kavanaugh a Massive Boomer?

Hi and welcome to a well-written and well-sourced article on dailyinet, today we will take a close look into if Ryan Kavanaugh is a MASSIVE boomer!

What is a boomer?

The word itself has been debated for years, but in our humble opinion the word boomer defines an old person who is grumpy. Now, its important you know you can use the word in many different ways, for examples a young person can act like a boomer and therefor be a boomer. That goes directly against the original definition and that is why its an art to use the word boomer.

Ryan Kavanaugh Reasons – Sex Harassment – 2 DUI’s and more…

Let’s list some things that we think might make Ryan a boomer, we’ll afterward debate if these things in fact does make him a big boomer… Remember this list is just random things that is published online and we have no way of knowing if they are real or not.

Discussion time!

Ryan Kavanaugh DUI

Now, having a dui doesn’t make you a boomer, that of course wouldn’t make any sense. Now having 2 DUI’s does make you a boomer. Now this information comes from a well-sourced newspaper unlike ours so you can be sure that that information is real.

So on this point already points to Ryan most likely being a boomer, lets go to the next point…

Ryan Kavanaugh likely made up Sex Harassment Allegations

According to the NY post Ryan likely made up sex harassment. Now faking sex harassment allegations is a serious thing, this is clear boomer behavior. and we don’t have to deep diver in this topic.

Ryan Kavanaugh – im getting bored of writing this article

So since I’m getting a bit tired of writing I will declare him a boomer here and now, please stay tuned because next up we will be taking a look if Ryan Kavanaugh these balls is a Karen.

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