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Who is Ava Rose? – Get to know the viral TikTok Star!

Ava Rose is an upcoming social media star from Canada who has earned her quite recent popularity through her TikToks. As of writing this article she has garnered 2.7M+ followers on TikTok. And she has lately been considered as one of the most popular TikTokers from Canada.

Ava Rose or Avarxseee?

Many of you might not know her as Ava Rose but instead, ‘avarxseee’ which is the name she goes by on social media user name. We all have done it one time, we wanted that perfect social media tag but it was taken so we added an extra letter… And another one… and another one really..? Dailyinet… dailyinett… dailyinetttttt….

Ava Rose’s Birthday

This article is written on her birthday, so if you are reading this any time near the 11th of October make sure to wish her a happy birthday from us!

Ava Rose’s Issue

As Ava’s TikTok grows more and more people want to see her videos, and a lot of people have tried to capitalize on this. Every day multiple new ‘Fan accounts’ pop up, and they all repost her content without any credit insight. Of course, trying to profit from someone else’s content without the right permission is NOT okay, that’s called plagiarism.

Ava Rose’s Merch

Many of you might have missed that she has a full line of clothing, that’s most likely because she doesn’t promote it as much as she could have. Her clothing line collection is named Ava Rose Collection (Could you have guessed that!?). And it’s a full unisex collection with of course roses on them, check this out!


Ava Rose

Also Known As


Birth Date

11 Oct 2003


16 years old

Followers on all platforms

3 million



Main Occupation



5 Feet 6 Inches / 167 cm

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