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Who is CamGrants / Cameron Grant?

Who is CamGrants/Cameron Grant?

Cameron Grant is a digital artist, animator, and illustrator. Much of his work is colorful, fun, psychedelic, and can be a little scary at times. Much of his work is done in photoshop, however he occasionally illustrates and paints with traditional mediums such as ink and watercolors.

Professionally he’s done creative work for [adult swim] shows/social media, video game companies, and the Lottery. Presently Cameron is employed as the lead editor for the H3 Podcast on YouTube and numerous audio platforms.

What is Cameron’s social media?

Does Cameron sell prints of his art?

As of right now you can purchase various drops of his work on posters, canvas prints, shirts, stickers, and many other items at:

Where is Cameron Grant from?

Cameron currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He’s originally from Boston, Massachusetts, however he lived in Atlanta, Georgia during his years with [adult swim]

How often is Cameron on the H3 Podcast?

Cameron is not seated in the main control room of the podcast, but nearly every episode his fast photoshop work is featured during discussions. There is almost no one on Earth as fast and as skilled as Cameron Grant when it comes to quick visual gags to elevate the humor of topics being discussed. When prompted Cameron will give input to discussion, but he does not have a camera shot like much of the crew. 

When did Cameron first appear on the show?

Contrary to popular thought Cameron’s first appearance on the H3 Podcast was NOT during his Make Ethan Laugh feature, rather he first appeared on H3 After Dark Episode 2

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