Mr Verified Competition Crowns Ian Slater As Winner

The social media world has been set ablaze, as the inaugural Mr Verified competition has found its winner. 

Combining categories of pageantry with influencer fashion & displays of talent, this year’s ceremony was fiercely competitive as the various participants vied for verification domination. But through a series of intense rounds voted on by the general public, Ian Slater of California emerged as the victor.

The purpose of the contest was to determine which participant deserved the opportunity to feature an elevated status on the social media platform of their choice, often known as “verification”. 

This year’s competition was hosted by Ethan Klein of The H3 Podcast, a multimedia network that has amassed over 11 million subscribers across various channels. 

Following this stunning victory, we reached out to Ian Slater for his thoughts on the big win. He gave us the following statement:

“Feels good but not as good as my form fitting skims which keep me breezy and unrestricted #ad”

Ian Slater

Also known as Ian the Salaried Employee, Mr Slater downed multiple laxative teas in an effort to demonstrate his ability to sell influencer products, vomiting his way to the top. 

As it currently stands, Ian Slater has yet to receive the social media status symbol on his Instagram account, @908ian, however we will continue to update this story as it develops.

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