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Twitch Streamer Made a Kitchen in his car – Yungfika aka Love from H3

Love, a 22-year-old Twitch streamer, decided to mix things up by cooking a steak in the IKEA Parking lot at 2AM. This was undoubtedly one of the more unhinged things he’s done in his career as a streamer. But it was also one of the most successful events he has streamed so far. As an avid twitch streamer, he loves pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas. So, when he came up with the idea to cook steak in his car, he thought it might be worth a try. All it took was finding the perfect Ikea parking lot to cook in, a makeshift backseat set up, and the ideal $25 steak.

Why was it so successful? Well, part of it was the novelty of the idea. It was unique, and watching how he managed to pull it off was interesting. When people tuned in, they were immediately hooked by his antics and wanted to see what would happen next. He also had a lot of fun with this stream as well. He got a lot of great tips from viewers, too. As it turns out, opening your side door window while cooking steaks out of the back seat of your car is actually quite effective.

Overall, the experience of cooking steak in his car at 2 AM outside IKEA was indeed a unique one. It was his highest-streamed twitch event to date, showing him the potential for pushing boundaries and trying new things on Twitch. Who knows what the next twitch stream will be? Rest assured that it will be anything other than making a salad.

Why an Ikea Parking Lot?

The question is, why not? Cooking steak at 2 AM is already a bit extreme, so he thought why not do it somewhere fun and exciting? Ikea parking lots are like their own little world. There’s something surreal about them at night, and the idea of cooking steak in one seemed almost too good to be true. So that’s what he did! Despite confused (and perhaps hungry) onlookers, he managed to pull it off and create a truly unique twitch experience.

Ikea is well known for its less-than-stellar furniture quality and delectable Swedish meatballs. But, after his twitch stream, they may develop a reputation for being the home of some fine parking lot steak cooking as well. So he may have kicked off a potential trend that night, and he thinks his viewers will wholeheartedly agree.

So, how did he set up his Twitch stream? Well, creating a makeshift kitchen in the backseat of your small car is no easy task, and add in freezing cold weather into the mix and you have yourself an interesting challenge. But he managed to make it work, and he had a lot of fun doing so. Having invested $900 into his collapsible kitchen, he was determined to make it work. He also brought along his streaming gear and a few LED lights to light up the area, because safety comes first, of course.

Here’s How The 2 AM Steak Dinner in the Ikea Parking Lot Twitch Stream Went

When he arrived at the parking lot, there were only a few cars around, and no one was paying attention to him. The night was dark and quiet, but he kept his energy up with some great music blasting out of his car speakers. After setting everything up in the backseat, he gathered all the necessary cooking materials, including utensils, running water, plates, measuring spoons and cups, and of course, his plethora of fresh ingredients. Then, he fired up his gas stove for the first time and got to work (not before he cracked open a refreshing sugar-free Red Bull, of course).

From there, he carefully chopped up his ingredients, oiled his pan, included all the necessary spices, and got to the main course – cooking this fabulous steak. Of course, no steak dinner is complete without a mouthwatering sauce made of bacon bits. This definitely masked the taste of the vegetables, which were a bit too healthy for his liking. He even tried a bell pepper – which he considered to be the craziest thing he did in that entire stream. As for the salad? It made for a great garnish!

Fika & Clean Up

Lastly, no steak dinner is complete without a delightful dessert. Though he did have his grandmother’s dessert recipe on hand, he did not have the oven to do so. So, he opted for some chocolate balls instead. He may or may not have given them a try before the stream – but he’s sure his viewers didn’t mind. Once he finished the dessert course, cleaning up was quick and easy.

In the end, he had a blast twitch streaming from the Ikea parking lot. It was definitely an experience like no other – a unique opportunity to show off his twitch streaming skills and his passion for cooking steaks in unique locations. He never thought he’d be able to pull this off, but with a little bit of creativity and determination, anything is possible.

With that said, it’s safe to say that this twitch stream was his biggest success on Twitch so far – and his viewers agree that cooking steak at 2AM in an Ikea parking lot is the type of content that Twitch was made for. So who knows, maybe this really will be the start of a new trend!

More About Yungfika, The 22-Year-Old Twitch Streamer

Love works for a popular podcast called H3, which features tons of well-known YouTubers and Influencers. Streaming is a huge hobby for him, and he loves sharing his twitch streams with his viewers. He keeps things interesting by streaming in different and unique places, like the back of his car in the Ikea parking lot.

This twitch stream may have been a one-off, but it is safe to say that his twitch experience has changed forever. It was an eventful night, and he is glad he decided to make the trek to Ikea. Here’s to many more adventures in the future!

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