Call of Duty Favorite Map ‘Shipment’ Remade in Vanguard

Shipment, the classic close corner map that has been a fan favorite ever since first released in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been re-fitted for the CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD.

The Map has had many different looks but the new version in vanguard brings it back to its original and more rustic look like it was in CoD4.


Even though the map was a fan favorite back in CoD4 it was pretty much forgotten by most players until it was added back into Modern Warfare. Once it was back it quickly became one of the favorites again, and it was also added in to a playlist so you could queue for the small map until you’re heart gave out. The playlist was available for both hardcore and core and it was in hardcore that the real chaos happened.

Hardcore + a small map might sound like a nightmare for normal players, but people who have been around for a while know this is the perfect place to complete challenges for camos. While you might end up with 50+ deaths at the end of the match you could easily score over 150+ kills in a simple domination match.

In Vanguard there is a playlist with only Shipment but unfortunately that playlist is not available for hardcore players.

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