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Pewdiepie’s Body Transformation – This is how he did it. (Full Thread)

  • Monday – push exercises.
  • Tuesday – leg
  • Wednesday – pull exercises.
  • Thursday – leg
  • Friday – push/pull
  • Sat/Sun – off

Pewdiepie recently posted a picture to his Instagram that surprised many, he later posted 11 stories explaining his transition and how he did it. It seems like Felix’s journey wasn’t only physical but also mental. Read more about it in the stories below.

Got a lot of questions about how I exercise.
So making a thread here.

Keep in mind this photo was taken after workout, flexing and with good light.
So if you want same results: good news it’s very reachable! lol

This is from 2017 when I first started working out. I stopped between then up until about a year ago.
My goal has not been to grow muscle, but I wanted to just stay consistent with my workout routine more than anything. I think that has been the most key helpful factor.

I’m also relatively new to the muscles meme.
Still got a lot to go and a lot to learn.
But here’s some tips that worked for me..

Monday – push exercises.
Tuesday – leg
Wednesday – pull exercises.
Thursday – leg
Friday – push/pull
Sat/Sun – off

Stop eating shit food. High sugar food/drinks bad. Alcohol bad, high fat bad. You know this already.
Protein (AOUH) keeps you full for longer. Protein is your friendo

Don’t fall for the excuses meme. Got no time in your day to exercises? No one has time, that’s why you have to make new habits in your life. Replace 1h of social media with exercises. Make new good habits out of bad ones.

“..If it is habit that troubles us, we must try to find a corrective for that.
What aid can we find to combat habit? The opposed habit…”

The Greeks and Romans knew all about virtue through habit and repeat it often.

I work out from home. This is my entire setup at the moment.
A gym would obviously be better, but this works for me (for now). You can do a lot with just simple weights.

Start lifting

“It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

— Socrates

Read the Greeks.

Working out to me has been about finding control while living in a time that lacks it.

“The groups of muscles that have become virtually unnecessary in modern life, though still a vital element of a man’s body, are obviously pointless from a practical point of view, and bulging muscles are as unnecessary as a classical education is to the majority of practical men. Muscles have gradually become something akin to classical Greek. To revive the dead language, the discipline of the steel was required; to change the silence of death into the eloquence of life, the aid of steel was essential.”

— Yukio Mishima, Sun and Steel

Ultimately it might be meaningless but what isn’t?

“I am one who has always been interested only in the edges of the body and the spirit, the outlying regions of the body and the outlying regions of the spirit. The depths hold no interest for me; I leave them to others, for they are shallow, commonplace. What is there, then, at the outer most edge? Nothing, perhaps, save a few ribbons, dangling down into the void.”

Yukio Mishima, Sun and Steel

Now start lifting, immediately.

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