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Corona virus impact on Esports, youtube & Twitch

Esports Events affected by Coronavirus

Since the beginning of the year 2020, many Esports events got cancelled one after another, with final decisions coming directly from the respective Government and Event Organizers themselves.

Dota 2

ESL One Los Angeles, third Major of Pro Circuit, got cancelled. Moreover, Valve announced that there would be no Dota PIT Minor and EPICENTER Major for the time being due to the safety of the fans and players.


Overwatch League matches and Homestand event that was going to take place in China and Korea got cancelled, to prevent further spreading of Coronavirus.


After observing the IEM Katowice 2020, the Organizers decided to postpone the April tournament of the upcoming new CSGO League FLASHPOINT.


The FUT champion cup stage V and PlayStation licensed Qualifying event, both taking place in upcoming months, got called off.
Nvidia’s fight against Coronavirus

Nvidia made a statement that the Processing Power from massive reserved processors around the globe will be sent directly to the Folding@Home. Afterwards, it will get transmitted to the Laboratory computers which are researching to find a cure for Coronavirus and other malicious diseases.

Chinese Tech Giant Tencent’s response over Coronavirus

Tencent one of the biggest gaming companies in the world said that they are only partial winners in the race, as they sell more games with people get holed up at homes. However, Social distancing will be a significant threat to it’s other businesses.

Twitch Streamer banned over Coronavirus related comment.

There is no official news as of a Streamer getting affected by Coronavirus. However, popular female twitch streamer ‘Kaceytorn’ received a ban after making an offensive statement related to Coronavirus on a live stream group chat with other streamers.

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