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When will MrBeast Get 100 Million subscribers?

Mr Beast has recently hit 30 million subscribers, and the big question now is ‘How will he celebrate it?’

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has always celebrated his big subscriber goals with various crazy things to represent the number that he hit. His recent celebration was for 20 million subscribers where he planted 20 million trees with the help of the community.

What will he do for 30 million?

Mr beast has teased on twitter that he wants to clean up the worlds oceans, many people think that this has something to do with his 30M celebration video.

100 million subscribers

With the help of socialblade we can pinpoint the exact time when Mr beast is set to hit the amazing goal that only Pewdiepie has hit this far.

Socialblades prediction is based on previous data from Mr beasts channel, and he’s set to hit it in about 2 years.

Mr beast in a recent tweet asked his fans if they at some point thought he would hit 100 million subscribers, many saying it’s only a matter of time.

Breaking Records

20, 18 and 21 million is the view count on Jimmys latest videos, these numbers a truely ground breakingand in comparison with many other youtuber that has more subscribers, Mr beasts views are way higher. This together with his amazing community might just make 100 million subscribers a possibility very soon.

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