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Mr Beast is set to hit 30M Subs within 1 Month

Youtube star Mr Beast is set to hit 30 million subscribers within 1 month acording to the statistic website Social Blade. Making him one of about 50 channels that has hit 30 million subscribers.

The 21 year old youtuber Jimmy Donaldson more commonly known by his online name ‘Mr Beast’ has garnerd 16 million new subscribers and over 3 billion views over the past year. The numbers is going up fast and he’s set to hit 30 million views within a month.

Mr Beast has 100’s of viral videos that you can attribute to his massive success but the main topic on his channel is money, lots of money. He does attention grabbing stunts togheter with his group of friends and fans in the form of challanges & online giveaways to other content creators.

Just having a look at his videos & thumbnails gives you a good understanding what Mr Beast & his crew is all about.

Mr Beast has also shown up alot in mainstream media with his somewhat recent collab with Mark Rober where they set a goal to plant 20 million trees by 2020. Where they made it possible with Arbor Day Foundation to plant 1 tree per 1$ that was donated. Youtubers all over the world joined the movment and made videos under the hashtag TeamTress. Not many days after the movment was started it cought wind and famous people started donating big amounts of money, Elon Musk for example who donated over 1 million dollar of his own money.

Even though they did reach their goal of 20 million dollars you can still donate over at

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